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Adventures Ecuador - Base Elder
Title:Adventures Ecuador - Base Elder
Location:Quito, Ecuador

Adventures Ecuador Base Elder(s)

Supervisor: Long Term Missions Senior Manager

Classification: Salary

Fundraising Goal: (Amount to be Determined)

Commitment: 3 - 5 Years


Summary of Job

The Adventures Ecuador Base Elder(s) has two main responsibilities. One is to provide coaching and support for short term teams passing through, like Gap Year and the World Race (WR). The second is to assist the base however it makes most sense after discussions with the Base Leader(s) and the Long Term Missions team. An added bonus of being present at a base, which will happen organically, is being a source stability and wisdom as someone who has more life experience.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Adventures Ecuador  Base Elder(s) is responsible for the following ministerial duties:

    • Facilitate a team of LTM’s on the field consisting of the Field Mentor and other staff to minister to the STM groups that are staying at the base.

    • Develop relationships with WR and Gap Year participants, providing spiritual investment, wise counsel, and discipleship.

    • Have regular communication with the STM’s leadership team regarding the health and growth of the group.

    • Pour into WR and Gap Year leadership, providing spiritual and emotional support through servant leadership, discipleship and occasional debriefing.

    • Lead the Ecuador  Team and short-term teams by example in healthy spiritual disciplines and self-care practices

    • Foster community, safety, trust, and productivity in missions within the WR and Gap Year participants.

    • Develop a team of ministry partners to complete the fundraising goal. (Amount to be determined). Through this process ministering to partners through prayer and teaching biblical truths is essential. (I Corinthians 9:14, Philippians 4:17) Training for this located at:

  • The Adventures Ecuador  Base Elder accomplishes these ministerial duties through administrative tasks:

    • Facilitate language and culture learning

    • Regular communication with the Adventures Ecuador Base Leader and Long Term Team

    • Continual learning of best self-care practices, discipleship techniques, and coaching/mentoring practices

    • Set up and attend structured and regular worship, feedback, prayer, counsel, discipleship, retreats, and edification for WR and Gap

    • Assist the Ecuador Base Leader in any and all administrative tasks as deemed necessary


Competencies Required

  • Professing Christian with established record of high Christian character, integrity, servant leadership, maturity, and a positive attitude

  • Character and Integrity –must have strong Christian moral principles, be trustworthy, honest, fair, and display the Fruit of the Spirit in both word and action

  • Servant leadership – must lead as Christ did with humility, considering the team’s needs above your own and making it your priority to improve those you serve

  • Maturity – must be strong spiritually, responding appropriately with respect to the time and place of every situation

  • Positive attitude – must always be willing to do your best with what is asked of you

  • Understand and embrace the core values, culture, and ministry of Adventures in Missions.

  • Demonstrate leadership and vision in managing team dynamics, handling confrontation, and encouraging personal and team growth

  • 20+ years of leadership experience, preferably with some interaction with the millennial generation

  • Solid theological background that creates a strong biblical foundation for developing relationships upon truth and grace

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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