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Adventures Nicaragua - REAP Finance Director
Title:Adventures Nicaragua - REAP Finance Director
Location:Granada, Nicaragua


Adventures Nicaragua Finance Director

Supervisor: Adventures Nicaragua Base Leader

Classification: Salary

Fundraising Goal: (Amount to be Determined)

Commitment: 2 Years Minimum


Summary of Job

The Adventures Nicaragua Finance Director oversees and executes all base accounting and financial planning, operations and reporting for the Nicaragua Base. The Finance Director is empowered to model biblical stewardship with organizational and personal finances while bringing administrative and spiritual lift to the Nicaragua Base.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Adventures Nicaragua Finance Director is responsible for the following ministerial duties:

  • Develop personal finance education material
  • Educate locals on personal finances
  • Establish savings accounts for locals and monitor and manage the saving process
  • Disciple & develop people on a daily basis: local communities and visitors.
  • Manage all spending for each STM trip
  • Develop a team of ministry partners to complete the fundraising goal. (Amount to be determined). Through this process ministering to partners through prayer and teaching biblical truths is essential. (I Corinthians 9:14, Philippians 4:17) Training for this located at:
The Adventures Nicaragua Finance Director accomplishes these ministerial duties through administrative tasks:
  • File appropriate taxes

  • Manage financial processes.

    • Cash flow, receipts and expenses.

    • Weekly and Monthly Reconciliations.

    • Report out to operations and base manager weekly/monthly on financial performance.

    • Receive and respond to all financial questions from participants and staff.

    • Education to participants and base leaders regarding financial procedures.

  • Regular communication with the Base Leader and Base Team


Competencies Required

  • Professing Christian with established record of high Christian character, integrity, servant leadership, maturity, and a positive attitude

  • Character and Integrity –must have strong Christian moral principles, be trustworthy, honest, fair, and display the Fruit of the Spirit in both word and action

  • Servant leadership – must lead as Christ did with humility, considering the team’s needs above your own and making it your priority to improve those you serve

  • Maturity – must be strong spiritually, responding appropriately with respect to the time and place of every situation

  • Positive attitude – must always be willing to do your best with what is asked of you

  • Understand and embrace the core values, culture, and ministry of Adventures in Missions.

  • A commitment to learning fluent Spanish in the timeframe deemed appropriate by the Base Leader

  • Maintain personal daily devotion and prayer time, always putting your personal relationship with the Lord first, over everything.

  • Ability to give and receive construct feedback as necessary

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