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Adventures Nicaragua - Communications Coordinator
Title:Adventures Nicaragua - Communications Coordinator
Location:Granada, Nicaragua


Adventures Base Communications Coordinator

Supervisor: Base Leader

Location: Granada, Nicaragua

Classification: Salary

Fundraising Goal: TBD

Commitment: 3 years minimum


Summary of Job

The Adventures Base Communications Coordinator works to create story content to share with supporters,  and the world through social media, the Adventures Base website, and the base newsletter. The content is directed at increasing engagement, fostering donors and recruiting needed staff.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure all social media outlets are kept up to date to further engage on a daily basis.

  • Manage media and communication regarding Adventures Base website.

  • Creates media content through photos, videos and written stories from ministry opportunities, including (but not limited to) the following: short term mission teams and the ministries involved; pastoral conferences; outreach opportunities; involvement with WR/Gap squads; and Parent Vision Trips.

  • Mentor other storytellers that come through base as part of WR/Gap year programs.

  • Dedicate time in prayer to accurately portray the ministry of Adventures Base, as well as Adventures in Missions as a whole.

  • Establish a database of all short term participants coming through the base for potential future engagement opportunities.

  • Establish a monthly platform to communicate the needs and opportunities at the base with the database.

  • Work alongside AIM leadership to convey the vision for the base and develop partnership opportunities.

  • Develop a team of ministry partners to complete personal fundraising goal. (Amount to be determined). Through this process ministering to partners through prayer and teaching biblical truths is essential. (I Corinthians 9:14, Philippians 4:17) Training for this located at:


Competencies Required

  • Professing Christian with established record of high Christian character,  integrity, servant leadership, maturity, and a positive attitude.

  • Character and Integrity –must have strong Christian moral principles, be trustworthy, honest, fair, and display the Fruit of the Spirit in both word and action.

  • Servant leadership – must lead as Christ did with humility, considering their needs above your own and making it your priority to improve those you serve.

  • Maturity –must be strong spiritually, responding appropriately with respect to the time and place of every situation.

  • Positive attitude – must always be willing to do your best with what is asked of you.

  • Understand and embrace the core values, culture, and ministry of Adventures in Missions.

  • Willing to commit to 3 years minimum.

  • Desire to learn and become competent within local language and culture.

  • Ability to give and receive direct and constructive feedback when necessary for the benefit of the ministry.

  • Demonstrate leadership and vision in managing teams, projects, and initiatives.

  • Comfortable with cross-cultural communication.

  • Must have demonstrated capacity for excellent writing and video communication.

  • Needs to have an understanding of how to operate editing software, a camera, and understanding of the social media sites.

  • Needs to constantly seek out ways to learn and grow as social media changes and grows.

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