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Adventures Swaziland - Missionary
Title:Adventures Swaziland - Missionary
Location:Manzini, Eswatini


Adventures Swaziland Missionary

Supervisor: Senior Manager, Swaziland Ministries

Classification: Salary

Fundraising Goal: (Amount to be determined)


Summary of Job

The Swaziland Missionary will use their unique applicable skills to help build capacity for the long term vision of the Swaziland base. This includes specific skills/knowledge/training useful for the training of Swazi nationals to ultimately learn and fulfill these value-added roles. Examples would be accounting, engineering, sustainable agriculture, discipleship, arts, auto mechanics, creative writing, media, IT, or entrepreneurial business.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • The Swaziland Missionary is responsible for the following ministerial duties:

    • Use specific skills/knowledge/training to increase Swazi national capacity to fulfill those roles on the Swazi Base team.

    • Disciple and train Swazi Nationals for increased effectiveness in ministry and work.

    • Lead visiting short term mission teams.

    • Develop a team of ministry partners to complete the fundraising goal. (Amount to be determined). Through this process ministering to partners through prayer and teaching biblical truths is essential. (I Corinthians 9:14, Philippians 4:17) Training for this located at:

Competencies Required

  • Professing Christian with established record of high Christian character,  integrity, servant leadership, maturity, and a positive attitude

  • Character and Integrity –must have strong Christian moral principles, be trustworthy, honest, fair, and display the Fruit of the Spirit in both word and action

  • Servant leadership – must lead as Christ did with humility, considering their needs above your own and making it your priority to improve those you serve

  • Maturity –must be strong spiritually, responding appropriately with respect to the time and place of every situation

  • Positive attitude – must always be willing to do your best with what is asked of you

  • Understand and embrace the core values, culture, and ministry of Adventures in Missions.

  • Competency and training to work cross culturally.

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