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Adventures Guatemala - Women's Ministry Coordinator
Title:Adventures Guatemala - Women's Ministry Coordinator
Location:Antigua, Guatemala


Long Term Missions Base Women’s Ministry Coordinator                    

Supervisor: Long Term Missions Senior Manager

Classification: Salary

Fundraising Goal: Amount to be Determined

Commitment: 3 Years Minimum

Location: Guatemala

Summary of Job

Oversee the implementation of B4A women’s ministry at your Adventures in Missions LTM Base. This includes, but is not limited to: conducting B4A Women’s Retreats and Trainings, discipling local women and World Race women, and coordinating women’s gatherings for continual impact, discipleship, and empowerment.


This role is three-fold:

  • Local: conducting Women’s Ministry within your local community at your Adventures LTM Base

  • World Race & GAP: pouring into, training, and discipling women’s ministry-focused World Racers on the squads that pass through your base; this may include engaging Racers to do women’s ministry both within their squads and in the local community

  • STM: hosting B4A STM trips that pass through your base.


 Job Expectations

  • During LTM Training in Gainesville, GA:

    • Attend a B4A Facilitator’s Training.

    • Facilitate at least two B4A events before launching with your LTM Team.

    • Meet on a monthly basis with your B4A Staff Supervisor

  • Lead the planning and execution of women’s ministry events, retreats, and trainings at your Base

    • Planning the logistics of your events

    • Planning the curriculum, activities, and agenda of your events

    • Recruiting necessary help

    • Preparing a run-through before the events

    • Facilitating debriefs afterwards

    • Reporting to your Base Leader and B4A Staff Supervisor about your events

  • Lead women’s discipleship at your Base

    • Seek out women to disciple: both local women and WR women

    • Equip these women to disciple other women

    • Coordinate discipleship follow up plans aligned with B4A’s vision and your Base’s ministry efforts

  • Communicate with your B4A Staff Supervisor

    • Submit a Monthly Status Report on the progress of your women’s ministry at your LTM Base

    • Participate in a monthly check-in via Skype/ Facetime.

    • Provide ministry highlights through stories and pictures of women’s ministry at your Base

    • Communicate what resources and support you need from B4A in Gainesville -- ask for help!


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Local Ministry

  • Develop & share your vision for women’s ministry within your local community:

    • Work with your LTM base leader, your LTM Team, and your B4A Staff Supervisor to develop your (and God’s) vision for pursuing local women’s ministry in your community

    • Develop a written Women’s Ministry Development Plan (MDP) that includes SMART Goals of how you will develop women’s ministry in your community

      • Needs to be aligned with your LTM Base’s vision for ministry

      • Needs to be aligned with B4A’s mission & vision

    • Invite your LTM team to participate/learn about/get trained in in B4A women’s ministry, depending on interest.

    • Work with your Base Leader and your B4A Staff Supervisor to stay accountable to your Ministry Development Plan (MDP)


World Race and Gap

  • Disciple the World Race B4A Coordinators who come to your Base

    • You will be paired with them at their WR Launch -- your B4A Staff Supervisor will inform and introduce you

    • Discipleship looks like:

      • Encouraging her in her women’s ministry efforts on the field: both within her team/squad and in local communities

      • Seeking the Lord’s guidance as you encourage her in her spiritual growth

      • Being a listening ear: listening to her with one ear, and the Holy Spirit with the other

      • Making yourself available via email, skype, etc and also in-person when she is at your Base

  • Host B4A Retreats and B4A Trainings for the World Race and Gap Squads who come to your Base

    • Work with your Base Director, LTM Team, and the SQMs/SQLs of the Squads in order to plan a B4A ‘Training’ or ‘Retreat’ -- depending on SQM and SQL recommendations

      • Could be during a month of ministry, an LDW, a Debrief, or a PVT

    • Host additional B4A training for those interested in getting equipped for women’s ministry

      • Observe and be looking for Racers or Gap Racers passionate about women’s ministry

      • Work with their SQM/SQL to invite them to serve more fully in women’s ministry

      • Make yourself available to disciple and empower them

    • During a World Race or Gap Ministry Month at your Base:  Work with your Base Director, LTM Team, and the SQMs/SQLs/Regional Directors to provide women’s ministry opportunities for the women of the squad, whenever possible


Short Term Missions

  • Working with your Base Leader and B4A Staff Supervisor to host B4A STM trips at your Base  (STM trips are planned at least 6 months in advance)

    • Serve as the ministry contact liaison and coordinator for the STM Trip

    • Work with your LTM Team, local ministry hosts, and B4A Staff Supervisor to provide trip set up in:

      • Ministry

      • Lodging and food

      • Logistics and transportation

  • Develop a team of ministry partners to complete the fundraising goal. (Amount to be determined). Through this process ministering to partners through prayer and teaching biblical truths is essential. (I Corinthians 9:14, Philippians 4:17) Training for this located at:


Competencies Required

  • Professing Christian with established record of high Christian character,  integrity, servant leadership, maturity, and a positive attitude

  • Character and Integrity –must have strong Christian moral principles, be trustworthy, honest, fair, and display the Fruit of the Spirit in both word and action

  • Servant leadership – must lead as Christ did with humility, considering their needs above your own and making it your priority to improve those you serve

  • Maturity –must be strong spiritually, responding appropriately with respect to the time and place of every situation

  • Positive attitude – must always be willing to do your best with what is asked of you

  • Understand and embrace the core values, culture, and ministry of Adventures in Missions.

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Project management skills: able to manage multiple projects at once

  • Passion for seeing women set free from spiritual and emotional bondage

  • Experience in discipleship

  • Ability to cast vision and rally people to a cause

  • Ministry development vision and execution skills

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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